Switching Breasts When Nursing

Moms often ask when they should switch breasts while nursing. There really is no rule when it comes to switching sides and sometimes the baby just needs one breast to be satisfied. I like to remind my clients to follow their instincts and switch breasts when they feel it’s necessary.

Here are some situations that might suggest it’s a good time to switch breasts while nursing.

  • The number of sucks baby takes increases before you hear a swallow
  • Your breast feels “empty” and baby is still interested in feeding
  • Baby is getting fussy, popping on and off the breast after nursing comfortably
  • Baby nurses for a while then pops off the breast
  • Your other breast feels full and you’d like to relieve the discomfort

If your baby only takes one breast per feeding, remember to start on the opposite breast for the next nursing session (unless you are block feeding). I used to wear a bracelet and switch it to the side I needed to start with next feeding.

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