Breastfeeding and Coffee

Are you a coffee lover like I am? I may be a gluten-free plant-based vegan, but you’re not going to convince me to take this hot cup of joy out of my hands in the morning! I can’t think of a time in my life when I needed coffee more than when I was breastfeeding my newborn babies. But is it safe?

Here are the facts. Mild to moderate consumption of caffeine is generally safe for a breastfeeding mama to consume (LLLI). Two to three cups of coffee or under 300mg of caffeine is unlikely to negatively effect your baby. However, younger babies (under 6 mo) may be more likely to show effects of caffeine such as irritability or wakefulness.

Here is what I recommend. If you’re breastfeeding and coffee is something you enjoy, drink up! You deserve it and let’s be real, you probably need it. If you notice baby is showing symptoms after you consume coffee and nurse, decrease the amount you’re drinking. If your baby is still showing symptoms, eliminate the caffeine for 2 weeks and see if baby is still exhibiting the same irritable behaviors. If you need to cut your cup of coffee out of your diet because you think your baby is showing undesirable symptoms, give it a break and try adding your coffee back in after your baby is 6+ months. If you’re baby is full term and seemingly unaffected by your caffeine consumption…CHEERS!

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