Differences in Milk Output from One Breast to the Other

Many breastfeeding mothers notice a difference in their breasts in terms of size and milk output. You may also notice that baby favors one breast over the other even when they are kept in the same position and just moved to the opposite breast. This is normal! Think of your breasts as 2 different vessels. One may offer more milk than the other. One breast may letdown faster and stronger. Your baby is smart and will gravitate toward the breast that offers the flow rate and milk capacity they prefer.

When you pump you may notice a difference in output. This could be because of the anatomical differences in your breasts. It could also occur because your baby stimulates your milk production more so in one breast than the other. Typically, there is no need to even out the milk supply in your breasts. However, if you want to stimulate more production in the breast that produces less, here are some tips.

On the less producing breast:

-Start nursing sessions on this side

-When you pump, pump this breast a few minutes longer (or one letdown longer) than you do on the other one

-When you switch breasts, put the haakaa on the less producing breast to encourage it to produce more milk

-Hand express a little milk from this breast before latching baby so she gets an instant milk reward

-Use breast compressions on this breast while feeding baby to speed up the flow rate

It’s important to recognize if your baby is preferring a breast or a head/neck/body position. If you notice your baby is preferring a certain position and seems uncomfortable in the less favored position, a pediatric bodywork specialist or chiropractor can help.

I admit I do laugh when my clients refer to their lesser producing breast as the ‘slacker boob’. But I tell them if that breast is giving you any liquid gold whatsoever, it’s not a slacker! 💛

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