Montgomery Glands

Montgomery glands are the little tiny bumps around your areola that become more prominent during pregnancy and lactation. I’ll never forget a client of mine noticing hers early postpartum and asking me if she’s had a reaction to breastfeeding. I was happy to tell her all of the amazing things these little bumps are designed for!

Montgomery glands are a mothers very own sanitizing factory during lactation! They secrete an antibacterial oil that helps to keep mothers nipples free from harmful bacteria. They protect beneficial bacteria that can nurture a healthy gut for your baby when they nurse. Montgomery glands help lubricate mothers nipples to help protect them from dryness and cracking between nursing sessions.

The oils that the Montgomery glands secrete during lactation have a scent that attracts the baby to mothers nipples for milk. The scent makes it easier for your baby to find her food source. If you allow a newborn baby to lye on your chest, the scent from your Montgomery glands and the color of your areola’s will help lead your baby to the milk.

Montgomery glands keep mothers nipples clean and safe for baby without the need for extra washing or wiping before nursing or pumping sessions. Your daily shower is enough to keep that area clean for your nursling and allow the Montgomery glands to do their job secreting that natural scent for your baby. Other than your daily (or every other day) shower, let your magical Montgomery glands go to work for you keeping your nipples clean, healthy and ready for nursing!

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