A Good Latch

A good latch is everything! Here are a few great things I notice about the way this baby is nursing. Take a look at how wide this baby’s mouth is open. Baby should open wide while latching, similar to the gape of a yawn. This will ensure the baby gets enough of the breast tissue in her mouth, far back to the soft palate where it needs to be. This enables optimal milk transfer. Notice how close the nose and chin are to the breast. Pull your baby in close to you while feeding. This ‘hug’ will help baby maintain that deep latch while nursing. The baby’s body in this pic is in alignment, ear/shoulder/hip, all aligned while facing tummy to tummy with mom. This is important for baby’s comfort and ease of swallowing at the breast. The baby has her hand on mom’s breast. This allows her to be snuggled in close, tummy to tummy without hands or arms in the way. Sometimes you will notice your baby will massage your breast with their hand. This is how they try to initiate your milk to letdown. Be sure to practice a good latch each nursing session to optimize milk transfer and keep your nipples safe from soreness or damage. Can’t get a good latch? Make an appointment with an LC sooner than later. You will be happy you did.

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