Planning Date Night with an Exclusively Nursing Baby

Do you need a date day or night away from baby but #1 you aren’t a fan of pumping #2 your baby refuses to take a bottle or #3 you have no milk stored for a bottle? You can still go out on that much needed date! Here’s how to do it.

First, I always have my clients write down nursing sessions, naps and awake times for 1 week before you plan your date. Which feedings were better than others? Which feedings left you feeling like baby sufficiently drained the breasts? What time is baby napping and for how long? After a week or 2, you have probably noticed your newborn has patterns of nursing, sleeping and awake times. Plan your date day/night out after baby’s usual block of an effective nursing session followed by a long stretch of sleep. Does baby cluster feed at night then take a longer stretch of sleep? There’s your window! Or does baby have a good nursing session in the morning then take a long mid-morning nap? There’s your window! Before you go out, nurse baby as long as she wants until she finishes both breasts or falls asleep. Now your breasts are emptied and you likely have a nice 3-ish hour window to slip away until your babe might need another feeding.

Yes, this plan requires some flexibility from caretakers, your partner and you. And you might want to stay close to home the first few times you go out, just in case baby wakes and is hungry. But it can be done and as baby gets older, it becomes easier and baby becomes more predictable.

Still a little uneasy about leaving baby but really need some time away? Let me help! I can review your baby’s daily patterns, learn more about your situation and customize a plan for your weekly date. We can also come up with soothing techniques your caregiver can try to keep baby content until you come home. You deserve this time away!

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