My Top 10 Favorite products for Breastfeeding Mamas

-My Breastfriend breastfeeding pillow-It’s the best nursing pillow! Firm enough so baby doesn’t sink down into it and it has a buckle to keep baby in place.

-The Haakka- A great tool to have for milk collection on the opposite breast you’re feeding on. Also a great hand pump for on the go or to use when you’re engorged.

-Lansinoh Momma bottle – The best bottle for a smooth transition from breast to bottle. The nipple is shaped perfectly so baby can latch onto it like they would on the breast.

-The Kindest Cup – A great alternative to the Haakka and it allows you to feed baby the collected milk right from the cup.

-The Spectra breast pump- The highest quality non-medical grade double pump on the market.

-Pumpin’ pals flanges-The comfort of these pump flanges are the BEST. Do yourself a favor and get a pair if you pump regularly!

-LadyBug milk collectors- Great for moms who leak milk. Wear them around the house or put one on the opposite breast you’re feeding on. Save the milk collected (change/clean every hour).

-Syringes-Great to have on hand for the colostrum phase. Collect colostrum in them prenatally and freeze or just use after birth to supplement baby with a few ml’s from hand expression.

-Silverette nursing cups- Provides great relief for damaged or painful nipples. Allows cracked nipples to heal and helps prevent infection.

– Coconut Oil- A great every day product to have on hand for dry or cracked nipples. Also good for cradle cap and flaky skin on baby.

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