What can an IBCLC do for you?

Are you wondering what an IBCLC can do for you? The most common question I’ve been getting lately is ‘Can you tell me if my baby has a tongue tie?’ The short answer is yes, we can. However, the official diagnosis comes from a doctor and if you see me first, that doctor will typically be a pediatric dentist. It’s important to see an IBCLC if you think your baby has a tongue or lip tie, before going to a pediatric dentist or ENT. The reason being, an IBCLC can offer immediate help with feeding your baby before a tongue tie release is performed and assist with exercises and feeding techniques after the procedure. We also tend to know the providers with the most successful outcomes in your area and work closely with them (and you) in many cases. We teach you tongue/lip exercises after the release and support you through the healing process.

So what else do IBCLC’s do? Along with assessing both baby and mother separately and together during a feeding, we can help with everything related to lactation. Whether you’re feeding baby at the breast or pump/feeding with devices, we offer personalized care plans and support for whatever you and baby may need. Cup/bottles/syringes, pumps of all types, hand expression, we’ve got you! NICU baby or preemie? We can help! First baby and you’re clueless? Or 5th baby who is very different from the rest. No idea what you’re doing or why your baby acts the way they do? Baby is not gaining weight, slowly gaining or falling off their curve? Baby is gassy, colicky or spitting up a lot? IBCLC’s can help! Nipples are sore, inverted or mastitis keeps coming back? I’ve seen it ALL and I can help.

Please reach out to us for whatever your breastfeeding needs may be. IBCLC’s are highly educated, trained and skilled in all things Lactation. Don’t go through it alone, we are worth our weight in gold as a client just told me this week. ❤️

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