Lactation Consultation
1 hour, $85
In my home or yours. Latch Assessment, Weighted Feeding, Personalized Care Plans, Infant Feeding Plan, Identifying Common Breastfeeding Issues, Breastfeeding Education.

Prenatal Consultation
1 hour, $85
Lactation Education, Family Preparation Plans.

After birth consults are $10 off with purchase of prenatal consult.

Follow-Up Lactation Consultations
45 minutes, $65
For Returning Clients. Plan Adjustments, Weighted Feeding, Latch Assessment.

Back-to-Work Lactation Consultation
45 minutes, $85

Pumping and feeding plans based on your unique work schedule. Paced bottle feeding and/or alternate feeding education.

15-Minute Strategy Call
15 minutes, Free
For prospective clients or returning clients. Text, email or call.

Virtual Appointment 1 Hour, $50 FaceTime or a Google Hangout. Lactation Consult, identifying common breastfeeding issues, personalized care plan, Q&A

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