‘I was having painful engorgement issues and a fast let down that was causing my newborn to throw up everything she ate. Christine from Love & Lactation came to our house and taught me an appropriate hold that helps our baby eat at her own speed and she also helped me learn how to ease the engorgement I was experiencing without worsening the problem. I’m very appreciative of her help, I wish I had found her with our first born as well. I also felt much more comfortable with a consultant coming to our home rather than going to a hospital to see an LC because of risks related to COVID. The decreased exposure is comforting and Christine wore gloves and a mask during her visit to our home. Thank you so much!’ -Cara Waite 1/28/2021

‘Christine came to my home and was a huge help to me. She is professional, kind and easy to work with. I highly recommend her services and wish I had met her with my 1st baby!’ -Andrea McGowen 11/23/2020

‘I am so thankful for the advice given by Christine. I realized that I had gotten in the beginning stages of mastitis and i was miserable! she walked me through different things to try and relieve my pain before infection set in. She responded to my messages so quickly which was so important to me because I began to worry. thankfully, with her guidance I was able to recover before infection set in.’ -Savannah Smith 1/19/2021

‘Christine was so wonderful! She was so kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and reassuring. It was a pleasure working with her. Highly recommend.’

-Nadine Wenzel Wilson 10/8/2020

‘Christine came and showed me different positions that actually worked for us and were never mentioned from nurses in the hospital. I was getting discouraged about nursing my son until I met with her and she helped us have the bond I was hoping for while breastfeeding. She’s very knowledgeable and honest and I highly recommend her for any mommas needing help while nursing!’ -Kaitlyn Davidson 12/8/20

‘Christine first visited us 2 days after being discharged from the hospital. I was sent home with instructions to use a nipple shield and breastfeeding was going okay, but I felt having a lactation consultant’s support would be helpful. Her support proved to go way beyond helpful and was invaluable to our breastfeeding success! In one visit Christine was able to correct misinformation I had heard and helped prevent many breastfeeding missteps I would have made without her help. Our baby has nursed without the nipple shield ever since her visit and I have been able to create a supply in the right way with Christine’s expert advice. If you are on the fence about working with a lactation consultant, I really encourage you to take that step with Christine—you won’t regret it!’ -Amber Williams 11/20/2020

All tricks, no treats in the office this morning [at LangTree Chiropractic]!

Thank you to all the new Moms, soon to be Moms & newborns who attended the Breastfeeding Meeting today! Also, a very special thank you to Christine Opre with Love and Lactation NC! We learned lots of valuable information for breastfeeding tips, equipment, & great conversations regarding experiences.

Leanna @LangTree chiropractic 10/3/2020

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